Promo period
February 22 to April 30, 2016

Nationwide, Philippines

Kind of promo
Digital / mobile

Who can join
Male & female with a Facebook account
and e-mail address.



  1. You as a player has to access the game through the mobile website on your smartphone.
  2. From the landing page, a player is prompted to play by connecting to the game via Facebook before playing.
  3. After Facebook Connect, player has to choose a Batman or Superman game skin then tells you to proceed.
  4. The HOW TO PLAY screen will show the simple mechanics of the game plus how many lives the player has. If you’re ready then press START.
  5. On the game screen, you will see an animation of images varying from BatmanvSuperman images, prizes and B'lue Icons. Player has to tap the screen to get a chance to win a prize or prizes. Images are all randomized.
  6. Each player has three tries to win prize or prizes. This will be shown on top of the screen. If you win a prize, the image will be on one of the circles. If you don't win, you will see an "X".
  7. If player has finished all three lives, you have the option to claim your prize or play the game again to get a different prize.
  8. If player has finished all three lives, you can play again after 12 hours.
  9. If player wants to play without winning prizes, then you can go back to the home page and choose "Play practice mode".


  1. From the three images a player gets from playing the game, you must pick an image you want granted that there is an image of a premium item on the screen.
    1. To claim a premium item, player must select a premium item from the three images and click "Get Prize"
    2. This will lead to an information form. Player must then fill up information form and submit it.
      1. Information you should submit are: name, home address, e-mail address and mobile number.
      2. All fields are mandatory.
    3. Player will receive a notification on the game screen that the form has been successfully submitted.
    4. If the player does not get any premium item, you can play until you use up all three lives.
    5. If the player gets a premium item but does not want to claim it, you can play again and pick a different premium item granted that you still have lives left to play.
    6. If the player leaves the game / website and decides to come back, you will have the same number of lives since you last played.
  2. Player may win a premium item more than once but only one item can be claimed and sent to you. If you play again after already claiming a previous premium prize, win and try to claim a prize again, a promo manager from Havas Media Ortega will contact you and inform you that you will have to choose which premium item you prefer. This is in case you haven't claimed a prize yet.
  3. If the player tries to access the game within 12 hours of using all your lives, a notification will appear on the game screen — informing you that you have to wait until your lives are refreshed.


  1. When a player accesses the game for the first time, you will have three lives to use.
  2. After you have used up all three lives and decides not to claim a prize if you win, you have to wait 12 hours to be able to play again.
  3. After 12 hours, the player's life will be refreshed with three new lives.


  1. To play the game without participating in the promo / claiming a prize, a player has to tap on the PRACTICE MODE BUTTON.


  1. Once you choose the prize you want to claim, Havas Media Ortega will also contact you via e-mail and the mobile number or landline number shared in the information form from the B'lue Super Tap page for confirmation.
  2. Once winner's details have been confirmed, Havas Media Ortega will send the prize via courier to the home address submitted in the information form.
  3. Confirmed winners should receive prizes within 5-7 working days.


  • All prizes and images are randomly selected by a digital program created specifically for this digital promo.


  1. Any Danone Universal Robina Beverage Inc., Havas Media Ortega, and other business partners and employees are disqualified from joining the contest.

Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0071 s. 2016